Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fungicide Mold Sealant Paint After Clean Up

Mold Sealant Paint
HomePro Restoration uses antimicrobial and fungicidal sealant paint after a thorough cleaning of mold affected areas of homes and businesses.

This Photo shows a white fungicidal sealant paint spray coating that has been applied to all surfaces in a building basement fas the last step in a mold cleanup project. The remediator did a great job of removing moldy materials, cleaning all surfaces, and leaving no demolition dust or debris in the building - all before this mold spray paint was applied.

Remember to clean: Fungicidal sealants or non-sealant fungicides should not be used as a substitute for physical cleaning of moldy or suspect surfaces and materials. Application of fungicides without cleaning risks leaving high levels of toxic or allergenic particles in the building. Even if a fungicide could "kill" every mold spore, which in our experience is unlikely, non-viable spores may still be toxic or allergenic. (See our page top photo).
Biocides or Fungicides which are not sealants have the same shortcomings as sealants and more: they are unlikely to kill 100% of their target, they do not immobilize remaining dust or debris on a surface and they do not provide future moisture resistance.
Possible health risks of fungicides and disinfectants: If your contractor is planning to use a disinfectant or fungicide on building surfaces be sure to review the chemicals to be used as possible irritants or hazards themselves. The remediation industry is of mixed opinion regarding the efficacy and advisability of using such treatments.

Some people have allergic reaction to these chemicals. The contractor should be asked to provide documentation identifying the chemical(s) used, the concentration and manner of application, and the areas where they were applied, as well as providing pertinent health information from the manufacturer, as some occupants or owners may prefer to avoid these chemicals. Source:
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  1. Oh yeah! I could use this in out bathroom. My wife has been freaking out because of darn molds. Your blog has been pretty helpful. i'd watch out for your new posts. More power to you and thank you for sharing!

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